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For users who want to connect to the Middlebury VPN from off campus, we generally recommend the instructions outlined at VPN Setup on Windows and Mac. However, some people have trouble connecting with our normal VPN client instructions. For example, some users who travel to many areas find that the VPN client doesn't always connect as it should.

For those PC users who have trouble connecting to VPN using our recommended instructions, WebVPN is a quick and easy alternative. WebVPN does not work on Mac or Linux.

Please note that if you connect online using Middlebury dial-up access, you don't need to use a VPN; you are already part of our online network.

Connect using WebVPN

Make sure you are connected to the internet, or you won't be able to reach our VPN.

  1. Open Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  2. In the Address bar, go to the address webvpn.middlebury.edu. You'll see a Middlebury WebVPN Login page.
  3. Enter your Middlebury username and password in the fields displayed.
    • (Don't include the "@middlebury.edu" ending to your email address; your username is just the part before that.)
  4. Click on Login button.PNG.
  5. The first time you use WebVPN, you will be asked to accept a security certificate. Choose the Allow always option on the certificate pop-up. You shouldn't be asked after that.
  6. An install window will appear while WebVPN goes through its setup process. As the message says, please be patient.
    WebVPN graphic 1.PNG
    • During the installation process, you might get an error message saying that "the installer has failed launching ActiveX". That's OK - just keep waiting, and the installer will continue using Java.
      WebVPN graphic 2.PNG
  7. When the connection is complete, all the messages on the screen disappear, the browser window closes and a confirmation balloon will pop up in the system tray, announcing that the VPN connection has been established.
    WebVPN graphic 3.PNG

Now you're connected! You can connect to the Middfiles server and Outlook as normal.