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==Internet Explorer==
==Internet Explorer==
IE-specific problems.
IE-specific problems.

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Internet Explorer

IE-specific problems.

  • See Banner/INB article for help with INB on Internet Explorer.
  • Certain pages cannot be displayed: Are these security-related sites? In IE, SSL protocol needs to be enabled. Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab -> all the way at the bottom, "Use SSL 2.0" and "Use SSL 3.0" should be checked, both.


Firefox 3

Firefox 3 has been accepted for installation on college computers. Among a slew of neat new features, it has one major drawback: some valid HTTPS-encrypted pages have outdated security certificates and Firefox 3 refuses to show them. The workaround is, for each of these sites (ie snowleopard.middlebury.edu for go/files), to add a certificate exception for Firefox for that site. It takes four clicks and the warning messages are very intimidating.

The Perspectives Firefox extension attempts to fix this by checking with a list of trusted domains to see if they think the site in question is valid, and if they trust it, automatically overriding the certificate warning. It is still under beta - but please test it and use it, and update this page to reflect what you find.

Safari vs Firefox

Safari: Pre-installed on your Mac. Faster. Updated through Apple. Makes use of Apple's powerful dictionary.

  • Cons: No phishing filter/website checking (very bad!). No visual indication of blocked pop-ups (not so bad, but very annoying). No fine grained pop-up control (it's all popups blocked or none blocked). Few add-ons.

Firefox: Built-in phishing filter. Fine grained pop-up control. Visual indication of blocked pop-ups. Very customizable. More features than Safari. Vast library of add-ons.

  • Cons: Slightly slower than Safari when you open it for the first time (web browsing after that is just as speedy). Doesn't make use of Apple's dictionary (but has its own). PDFs don't appear in the browser window (but open in PDF programs like Acrobat or Preview) -- minor flaw).


The Default Mac\iPhone\iTouch browser. Is also available for PCs.


Very new player. It's from Google so expectations are that it will catch on. Has similar rendering of pages to IE and Firefox although it uses WebKit just like Safari.

Still in beta...but so is Gmail.

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