Web Groups for Permissions

Drupal and MediaWiki Permissions

Permission to MediaWiki sites and Drupal sites (www.midd) are granted through Web Groups. It is easy to setup and maintain (manage) web groups via our website: http://login.middlebury.edu/groups

  1. Login to http://login.middlebury.edu/groups
  2. Then select the ‘All Web Groups’ or ’All Groups’ tab to view the groups, members, and owner information.
  3. You can also create your own groups and add members to groups that you own.
    NOTE: it appears that not everyone can create new web groups. If you need a new web group, please check with the Web Team Members.  (Edited by Mitrevski, Petar 18:29, 25 March 2010 (UTC)) (if you notice that this is no longer true, please update this note).

Once you have a web group, you'll need to login to your drupal site and add your group to the approprite permission section.

Permissions on other resources (Non-Web Group permissions)

Note that permissions to the following services are NOT managed by web groups and cannot be managed by the above website:

DFS (file server, folder permissions, etc.), Outlook (Exchange, delegate, Calendar, email permissions etc.)


Blog permissions

WordPress permissions can be managed as for MiddFiles or directly in your WordPress blog.

Segue (This system has been shut down.)


  • For midd-unix permissions cannot be managed at all.
  • KeySurvey permissions?

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