Web Programming Priorities

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This page is an ongoing snapshot of the development priorities of the Web Programming work-group (Joe Antonioli*, Adam Franco, Ian McBride, and Travis Stafford).

Projects are listed here to give a general overview of the work going on in our group. Please follow links to individual project pages for more comprehensive details and status updates.

Highest Priority

CAS Updates for AD Group Support

Est. Start/End: June 16, 2009 - June 24, 2009

Deadline: Sometime before fall semester start (August 2009)

Involved: Adam

Ext. Involved: Mark Pyfrom

More Info: http://www.adamfranco.com/?p=146

Dependencies: none

Dependent: CASifying Segue/fall course usage of Segue, course usage of Wikis, granting course authorizations in other systems.

Since the structure of course-groups in the AD has changed, CAS needs an update to traverse up the group hierarchy to return 'MemberOf' results for groups that contain the sub-groups that users are directly members of. An extension of the CAS Java code needs to be made as well as a patch to the CASDirectory PHP code.

New WebId for CAS

Est. Start/End: Week of June 22

Deadline: June 26, 2009 (Adam's last day before vacation)

Involved: Adam, Ian

Ext. Involved: Mark Pyfrom, John Morais, Marcy Smith

Dependencies: Generation of new WebId in Banner (John), addition of new WebId to the AD (Mark)

Dependent: MIIS Drupal editing, GO, MediaWiki, CASifying other applications

The current CAS id was decided to be improper for usage in this context so a new dedicated WebId will replace it. CAS needs a configuration change to look for the new id, as does the CAS directory. GO and MediaWiki databases need to be updated to use the new id instead of the old. MIIS content editing can't start until this new id is in place.

High Priority

Course Catalog

Est. Start/End: April 9, 2009 - August 2009

Deadline: No hard deadline known.

Involved: Adam

Ext. Involved: Le Roy Graham, Mike Schuster, Jeff Rehbach

More Info: https://www.assembla.com/wiki/show/course_catalog/

Dependencies: none

Dependent: Course information on faculty and department pages in Drupal, course results in search.

This project will implement a user-friendly browsable and searchable course catalog to supplement the version in Banner. Key features:

  • Description editing and display
  • Favorites and schedule-building by students
  • Data-feeds for displaying listing on faculty and department pages, incorporating courses in search results.

Medium Priority

Low Priority

Lowest Priority