Web Technologies & Services

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The Web Technologies & Services workgroup develops custom web applications and customizations to existing web applications, such as Drupal and WordPress MU.


All of our code is kept in Source Control. We use git, a distributed source control system. Code that is currently only available internally, such as our custom Drupal themes, are kept in private Github repositories. Some of our projects are maintained in our on site gitweb repository. If you would like access to this information, please contact us for the username and password. Our public code is available in the Middlebury github page, Adam Franco's github page. Our collaboration with Amherst on Monster Menus is also publicly available.

Support Contacts for Websites


  • AS: Administrative Systems
  • DLINQ: Digital Learning & Inquiry
  • ITS: Information Technology Services
  • S&S: Systems & Security
  • WTAS: Web Technologies & Services

List of Services

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Domain Application Hosting Supporters Support Contact
25threunion.middlebury.edu Drupal 7 local ITS WTAS Drupal Issue
athletics.middlebury.edu PrestoSports remote Communications & Marketing
bannerlag.middlebury.edu BannerLag local ITS WTAS, ITS AS
bannerselect.middlebury.edu BannerSelect local ITS WTAS, ITS AS
bat.middlebury.edu Activation local ITS S&S
bookstore.middlebury.edu MBS remote Bookstore
catalog.middlebury.edu Catalog local ITS WTAS
cdn.middlebury.edu CDN local ITS WTAS
community.middlebury.edu midd-unix local ITS S&S
concerto.middlebury.edu Concerto local ITS WTAS
courses.middlebury.edu Drupal 7 local DLINQ, ITS WTAS
critical-conversations.middlebury.edu WordPress local ITS WTAS
directory.middlebury.edu Directory local ITS WTAS Online Directory
drupaltraining.middlebury.edu Drupal 7 local ITS WTAS Drupal Issue
envisioning.middlebury.edu WordPress local ITS WTAS
eres.middlebury.edu Docutek ERes local Library Reserves Reserves Issue
force.middlebury.edu Salesforce remote ITS Salesforce
forms.middlebury.edu Drupal 7 local ITS WTAS
go.middlebury.edu GO local ITS WTAS GO Issue
hammer.middlebury.edu PHP 5 Dev local ITS WTAS
identity.middlebury.edu WordPress local ITS WTAS
inb-prod.ec.middlebury.edu INB remote ITS AS
janus.middlebury.edu Confluence local ITS S&S
kibana.middlebury.edu Kibana local ITS S&S, ITS WTAS
learn.middlebury.edu Pardot remote ITS Salesforce
login.middlebury.edu CAS local ITS WTAS
m.middlebury.edu Modo remote Communications & Marketing
map.middlebury.edu CampusBird remote Communications & Marketing
mcse.middlebury.edu WordPress local ITS WTAS
mediawiki.middlebury.edu MediaWiki local ITS WTAS
meerkat.middlebury.edu Chef local ITS S&S
middfiles.middlebury.edu MiddFiles local ITS S&S
middguests.middlebury.edu Guest AD local ITS S&S
middmedia.middlebury.edu Adobe FMS local ITS WTAS MiddMedia Issue
menus.middlebury.edu Drupal 7 local ITS WTAS Drupal Issue
middcore.middlebury.edu WordPress local ITS WTAS
middhistory.middlebury.edu WordPress local ITS WTAS
middlab.middlebury.edu WordPress local ITS WTAS
middstart.middlebury.edu WordPress local ITS WTAS
moodle.middlebury.edu Moodle local DLINQ, ITS WTAS Moodle Issue
museum.middlebury.edu Drupal 7 local ITS WTAS Drupal Issue
muskrat.middlebury.edu muskrat local ITS Media Services
nchousing.middlebury.edu Drupal 7 local ITS WTAS Drupal Issue
newlibstuff.middlebury.edu Drupal 7 local ITS WTAS, Bryan Carson Drupal Issue
omeka.middlebury.edu Omeka local DLINQ, ITS WTAS
otter.middlebury.edu otter local ITS Media Services
papercut.middlebury.edu Papercut local ITS S&S Web Print Issue
projectdashboard.middlebury.edu Dashboard local ITS WTAS
repository.middlebury.edu Drupal 7 remote Wendy Shook, Discovery Garden
rocky.middlebury.edu midd-unix local ITS S&S
sandcat.middlebury.edu midd-unix local ITS S&S
sansspace.middlebury.edu SANSSpace local DLINQ SanSpace Issue
saw.middlebury.edu PHP 7 Dev local ITS WTAS
sites.middlebury.edu WordPress local ITS WTAS, DLINQ
ssb-dev.ec.middlebury.edu BannerWeb remote ITS AS
ssb-prod.ec.middlebury.edu BannerWeb remote ITS AS
studyabroad.middlebury.edu TerraDotta remote Study Abroad
vigo.middlebury.edu KACE local ITS User Services
vpn.middlebury.edu PulseSecure local ITS S&S
webhelpdesk.middlebury.edu Web Helpdesk local ITS User Services
wolverine.middlebury.edu Blacklister local ITS S&S, ITS WTAS
wrmc.middlebury.edu WordPress local ITS WTAS
www.middlebury.edu Drupal 7 local ITS WTAS Drupal Issue
www.middlebury.edu/institute Drupal 8 local ITS WTAS Drupal Issue
www.middlebury.edu/middsafe-online-advocate Static Sites local ITS WTAS, Aaron Smith
www.middlebury.edu/script-lab Static Sites local ITS WTAS, Aaron Smith
www.middlebury.edu/shakespeare Static Sites local ITS WTAS, Aaron Smith
www.middlebury.edu/sitehelp Static Sites local ITS WTAS, Aaron Smith
www.middlebury.edu/well-being Static Sites local ITS WTAS, Aaron Smith
courses.miis.edu Drupal 7 local DLINQ, ITS WTAS
directory.miis.edu Directory local ITS WTAS Online Directory
forms.miis.edu Drupal 7 local ITS WTAS
go.miis.edu GO local ITS WTAS GO Issue
identity.miis.edu WordPress local ITS WTAS
learn.miis.edu Static Sites local ITS WTAS, Aaron Smith
old.miis.edu Drupal 7 local ITS WTAS Drupal Issue
sites.miis.edu WordPress local ITS WTAS, DLINQ
viewbook.miis.edu Static Sites local ITS WTAS, Aaron Smith
25live.collegenet.com 25Live remote Events Management
www.davisfellowsforpeace.org Drupal 7 local ITS WTAS Drupal Issue
www.davisprojectsforpeace.org Drupal 7 local ITS WTAS Drupal Issue
www.davisuwcscholars.org Drupal 7 local ITS WTAS Drupal Issue
github.com/middlebury GitHub remote ITS WTAS
mbury.iii.com MIDCAT remote Library Systems MIDCAT Issue
middlebury.instructure.com Canvas remote DLINQ, ITS WTAS Canvas Issue
middlebury.joinhandshake.com Handshake remote Advancement, CCI
middlebury.libanswers.com Springshare remote Library Subject Guides
middlebury.peoplegrove.com PeopleGrove remote Advancement, CCI
liberalartsdiversity.org WordPress local ITS WTAS
middcreate.net MiddCreate remote DLINQ
middleburycampus.com WordPress remote The Middlebury Campus
middleburymagazine.com WordPress local ITS WTAS
www.nereview.com WordPress local ITS WTAS
midd.hosted.panopto.com Panopto remote ITS Media Services Panopto Issue
www.potomactheatreproject.org WordPress local ITS WTAS
middlebury.qualtrics.com Qualtrics remote DLINQ Qualtrics Issue
sa1.seatadvisor.com Box Office remote Box Office
midb.studenthealthportal.com Pyramed remote ITS AS
middlebury.summon.serialsolutions.com Summon remote Library Summon Issue
siteimprove.com SiteImprove remote ITS WTAS
southchinasea.org WordPress local ITS WTAS
thewip.net WordPress local ITS WTAS
middlebury.zoom.us Zoom remote ITS Media Services

Workgroup Procedures

Web Browser Support

This section applies only to the applications supported by the Web Technologies & Services group. This does not include Banner and INB. For information on those platforms, please see Troubleshooting Banner and BannerWeb.

Our policy is to make a reasonable effort to support every version of a major web browser (see list below) that is currently supported by the company or group that produces the browser software. If you are using an older version of one of these browsers, our site might work, but you are encouraged to upgrade. If you are using a development, testing, or beta version of one of these browsers, our site might work, but we have found there are usually a few glitches that tend to get fixed before the final version is released.

Known Issues: In Microsoft Edge the right pane of the image selection dialog in Drupal will sometimes not appear.


  • Create new documentation in this Wiki.
  • Add the "Web Technologies & Services" category to new documentation in this Wiki.
  • Document at least the procedure for getting a development copy of the software set up.
  • Migrate existing documentation to this Wiki over time.
  • If the documentation is not yet in this Wiki, include a link to it on this page.
  • List production host OS and details in the Web Application Versions Spreadsheet.


Web Technologies & Services maintains over 80 web applications for Middlebury. Rather than rely on a single service to manage all needs, we attempt to find best of breed tools for the most common requests. Here is a list of core services we support.

Web Application Versions Spreadsheet

Service Documentation Code
Museum of Art
Davis UWC Scholars
Projects for Peace
Launched in February, 2010, the new Middlebury website uses the Drupal content management system with a module named Monster Menus, developed by Amherst College, that adds hierarchical menus and permissions management to Drupal.
Active Directory Group Manager AD Group Manager: A web interface for Active Directory that allows self-service group creation and membership management. Using this tool, we can create permissions groups for any application that uses our Central Authentication Service. The manager automatically updates applications like Drupal with group membership changes. Code Repository
Banner List Manager Subscription lists for email newsletters are checked against person records in Banner, our central database system, allowing us to target newsletters to specific Alumni and keep our contact lists up-to-date.  
CAS We set up the Central Authentication Service (CAS) in 2009 and have since applied it to MediaWiki, Segue, MiddMedia, Drupal, the Athletics Databases, and Wordpress. This allows users of these services to move between applications without signing in each time and provides a well-developed method of authentication for our development team to apply to new services.
Concerto Harmoni Project Documentation
Course Catalog Course information extracted from Banner is given an interactive view using web service APIs in our new course catalog. Designed as a replacement from the print version of the catalog, this application operates outside of Banner, ensuring that students can view course information event during extremely busy registration periods. Code Repository
Course Hub The Course Hub is the definitive starting point for all course sites. Drupal 7 CourseHub
Dining Menus The menu site is a Drupal instance populated with meal information, showing students the menu options for each dining hall, and providing visitors with meal rates. Students can give Dining Services direct feedback about the menu by choosing the "fill out a comment card" option on the menu.  
Directory A web interface to the information in the Active Directory database, the online directory shows the publicly available information for over 20,000 people. Complex business rules determine when to show, and what information to display, for people with relationships to Middlebury that include Middlebury Alumni now working for the Monterey Institute who also attend Language Schools in the summer.  
Central Git source control repositories Gitolite browse repositories

GO is a URL shortening service. Anyone with a Middlebury account can create a GO shortcut to point to a site for easy reference. GO shortcuts can be used on campus by typing "go/name" or off campus (YES! It does work off campus) by typing "go.middlebury.edu/name".

Code Repository

Our local instance of MediaWiki (the software behind wikipedia.org) features a start-up script to quickly create a custom wiki for any course or office wishing to use this technology.

MiddMedia We run a local instance of Adobe's Flash Media Server. MiddMedia is a web interface to this service that allows Middlebury users to upload video in many formats, which is then transcoded on the server into a streaming media format, allowing it to be displayed on our website, learning management system, blogging server, or wiki using custom developed modules for those applications.
WordPress (Midd)
WordPress (MIIS)

An instance of Wordpress MU with custom developed themes and plugins to connect it to other applications we host. Middlebury allows anyone with a user account to create as many blogs as they like and hosts blogs for individuals, offices, departments, courses, student organizations, and our administration.

Middlebury Photo of the Week Plugin
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