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The Web Application Development workgroup develops custom web applications and customizations to existing web applications, such as Drupal and WordPress MU.


The Weekly Web Development Round-up is a post to the LIS Blog made every Friday at 5:00 PM. In the post we give a brief overview of changes that were made to web applications that week and respond to questions about these changes in the post comments.

The Web Updates Mailing List is used to discuss changes to systems before they are made. If we're planning an update to WordPress, for example, we will use the list to communicate about the changes and schedule a time to make the update. Middlebury and MIIS staff can subscribe to the list, which is moderated.

The ChangeBlog is a private blog that lists the changes made to production web systems. Typically posts to the blog list the time that the revision was committed to source control, the person making the change, the name of the system, a unique identifier that can be used to look up the change in source control, and a short message describing the change. All LIS staff have access to this blog and we grant other staff access on request.

The Enterprise Applications Blog is a private blog where members of the Enterprise Applications area share the work they've done each week. This information is only available to our co-workers in Enterprise Applications.

All of our code is kept in Source Control. We use git, a distributed source control system. Code that is currently only available internally, such as our custom Drupal themes, can be browsed via our on site gitweb repository. If you would like access to this information, please contact us for the username and password. Our public code is available in the Middlebury github page, Adam Franco's github page, and Matt La France's github page. Our collaboration with Amherst on Monster Menus is also publicly available.

We also welcome public feedback.

Development and Administration Documentation

Below you will find links to documentation on setting up and maintaining the various applications supported by WAD. (WAD staff, please at a minimum make link to existing documentation. If writing new documentation, please make pages in this wiki.)

  • Gitosis - Central Git source control repositories