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You can access your e-mail using WebMail, also called "Outlook Web App (OWA)", from any networked computer, using any standard web browser.

How to Log On to Webmail (OWA)

There are a number of ways to access the Webmail login page:

  • From the Middlebury home page, click Quick Links at the bottom, then click Webmail.
  • Use http://go/mail/ in your web browser's address field.
  • Log on with your full email address (your-username@middlebury.edu) and password to log into Webmail.

How To Use Webmail

Learn About Webmail Light

The light version of Webmail has fewer features. Creating and maintaining e-mail rules, for example, is not supported.

Known Issues

  • Changing the setting to request the "light" version of Webmail does not work with many browser/platform combinations.
  • Use of Chrome to manage group membership results in the error, "web page isn't loading correctly."

Frequently-Asked Questions

Refer our Webmail FAQs to see what others have been asking!