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You can access your e-mail using WebMail, also called "Outlook Web App (OWA)", from any networked computer, using any standard web browser.

How to Log On to Webmail (OWA)

There are a number of ways to access the Webmail login page:

  • From the Middlebury home page, click Quick Links at the bottom, then click Webmail.
  • Use http://go/mail in your web browser's address field.
    • Those whose email accounts have been migrated to the Cloud need to use http://go/newmail for now. Once all accounts have been migrated, this will no longer be needed.

How To Use Webmail

Learn About Webmail Light

The light version of Webmail has fewer features. Creating and maintaining e-mail rules, for example, is not supported.

Known Issues

  • Changing the setting to request the "light" version of Webmail does not work with many browser/platform combinations.
  • Use of Chrome to manage group membership results in the error, "web page isn't loading correctly."
  • The "Recover Deleted Items" function does not work.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Refer our Webmail FAQs to see what others have been asking!