Webtix Development

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To test a sale in WebTix change:

In config.php: $cstage['emailNotify'] = "example@example.com"; - change you your address

$cstage['cc_testing'] = false; // test credit card - not live (some modules do not support this - if you change to true it will not charge your card.


The Webtix changelog is posted at: https://www.centerstageticketing.com/help/


The last update was performed by doing a 3 way file compare on the old base webtix custom files, the new base webtix custom files and the old edited custom files to make a set of new edited custom files that include the new updates from the new base files.

To make live: (to be added?)

Adding new students

Every term it is convenient to add the entering students to webtix so they do not need to be entered manually. This is very easy and Debby can make a spreadsheet with the appropriate information.

How to import new students spreadsheet.


  • Make sure the "Sheet" is labeled "customer" not "Sheet1". (otherwise the table "Sheet1" will be created)
  • Make sure the fields are labeled the same as the corresponding fields in customer. ("Last Name" for instance will not map to a field)
  • Check its file type by looking at file properties. This one was Excel 97-2003 XLS workbook. You want this info for the import screen on PHPMyAdmin.


  • Back up the main database like normal.


  • On chisel go to box office database and do some searches on some of the students in the customer table. Make sure they are not in there.
  • Now test an import on chisel. Take note of the number of records in the customer table. Go to "import" tab and choose the appropriate settings. In this case left charset on utf-8, removed partial import check, chose format "Excel 97-2003 XLS workbook" (chose whatever corresponds to the format your file is in), and checked that "The first line of the file contains the table column names". Hit "go".
  • Check the customer table to see if the number of records was incremented by the amount of records in the imported file. Search for a few of the records and confirm they went in appropriately.


  • Reproduce the import steps on production.
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