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Government documents must be retained for a minimum of five years before they can be discarded, unless they have been superceded. The FDLP Desktop has information on superceded documents at Superceded List and Guidelines.
The Tri-State Regional Depository Library at the University of Maine at Orono should receive lists of documents being withdrawn for their review unless the documents fall within the list of exempt publications, as outlined at middfiles/orgs/LIS/Library Government Documents/WeedingUMOGuidelines.jpg.
When items are withdrawn, they must be counted and marked on the additions/withdraws sheet. Each item must be checked for a barcode. If it has one, swipe the barcode, delete the item record, and if it's the only item attached to the record, mark the bib record with a D for Delete in the Bib Code 3 window at the top of the bib record page. If something does not have a barcode but is obviously part of a series or periodical, search that sudoc number and title and see if there is a record for the series. Check carefully to see that the volumes you have match the ones listed as being available. Again, delete the item record and mark the bib record for deletion if no other items are attached. Once you have deleted the records and counted the items, they can be taken downstairs and put in the Books recycling bin.
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