Weeding, Deaccessioning, Withdraw, Replacements

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Missing items

Most missing items are reported to CM by Circulation. See their documentation for Missing Item Replacement.

  1. Circulation notifies Acquisitions of titles to be replaced.
  2. Circulation notifies Catalog Management (CM) staff of titles to be withdrawn.
  3. Acquisitions searches for lost items/replaces item.
  4. CM changes b-code 3 to “d” (delete). This suppresses the record from the public catalog and notifies Summon when records have been deleted.
  5. Delete item records.
  6. Weekly update files of revised records are sent to Serials Solutions.
  7. After weekly update file, MARC records marked "d" can be deleted.

Updating OCLC Holdings for Withdrawn Items

MARC record contains 001: Do not update OCLC manually (this will be automated by CMO

MARC record *does not* contain 001: Update OCLC manually

Items Withdrawn by Way of Staff Weeding

  1. Place items/truck with yellow WITHDREW flags in CM workspace
  2. CM changes b-code 3 to “d” (delete).
  3. See steps 4-7 above.

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