Wet books

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  • Before discharging them make a note of the name of the person who had them checked out and notify the supervisor.
  • If during the regular workweek, please bring the items directly to the Preservation workroom in LIB134 and tell the staff in P&P that the items are wet.
  • If at night or on the weekend, set the items up to dry following the guidelines at from Cornell University Preservation Unit here and then bring them to P&P as soon as the office is open. (If the books are printed on clay coated paper or you don’t have time to dry them, please put them in a sealed plastic bag in the Staff Room freezer and send an email to P&P staff Virginia Faust and Joseph Watson telling them the items have been placed in the freezer.)

If books are returned with any strange liquid stains, or if they’re moldy or smell musty, put them in a sealed plastic bag and bring them directly to the Preservation workroom in LIB134, either telling the staff about the problem in person or sending an email.

If a quantity of books has gotten wet because of a water incursion, follow the procedures in the Emergency Manual here. http://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/LIS/Emergency_Manuals

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