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Where can I host a Videoconference on campus?
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Videoconferencing is available on campus using Polycom videoconferencing systems.  All systems use IP based videoconferencing to connect with another videoconferencing system.
PLEASE NOTE:  All students inquiring about videoconferencing for the purpose of job interviews must contact CSO before proceeding further.  CSO will act on behalf of the student as their sponsor.
All other requests for videoconferencing are to follow the appropriate steps for the location desired.
Carr 005 has a Polycom VSX7400 with 42" LCD monitor on a stand.
Library 230 has a permanently installed Polycom VS4000 videoconferencing system.
RAJ Conference Room has a permanently installed Polycom HDX8400 system.
Events Scheduling (http://www.middlebury.edu/administration/schedule/) must be contacted to schedule the above rooms.
Media Services must be contacted via the Technology Helpdesk at x2200 to provide technical support as the Polycom videoconferencing system in Lib 230 is password protected and the microphone(s) must be installed prior to the event.
With all videoconference sessions it is important to contact Media Services well in advance so that all necessary contact and connection information is gathered that will ensure that your event goes as planned.
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