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<nowiki>{{stub}}</nowiki> ]] text to the top of the page so that others can easily find it.
<nowiki>{{stub}}</nowiki> ]] text to the top of the page so that others can easily find it.

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Public wiki vs. Internal wiki

There are currently two Helpdesk wikis.

  • The Public Wiki (this one) is publicly available for anyone in the world to view. However it is meant to contain technical information mainly useful to LIS staff and consultants as well as enterprising users; it is not currently meant to replace the official end-user documentation available at [go.middlebury.edu/documentation go/docs]. It holds:
    • Troubleshooting tips for common problems and general technology information relating to hardware, network, email, applications, etc.
    • Quick reference on everything from Bannerweb and Segue, to Media Lab staffing hours, to understanding our servers and network.
    • Clarifications about LIS policies (distribution, media services, Helpdesk support, etc.)
  • The Internal Wiki can only be accessed by current Helpdesk staff and consultants. It is suitable for specific information about the LIS system that the average user does not have any need to know about, as well as any information that is sensitive but which it is important for Helpdesk workers to have quick access to. It holds:
    • Helpdesk meeting minutes, agendas, ongoing discussions, etc.
    • Guides for consultants on how to do their job (walk-in, call center, etc.)
    • Links and information that is useful for consultants and staff to refer to.

When you want to add some information that might be a security concern and you're not sure whether to put it on the public or the private wiki, choose the private wiki. However, confidential information (passwords, serial keys, personal security information) that could put our security at risk or help an attacker get into the LIS system, shouldn't ever go on either wiki.

To quickly access either wiki, use our GO shortcuts!

Linking between our public and private wikis

You can easily create links between our public and private wikis. This will let us mesh our wikis together almost as though they were one wiki - but any information that needs to be private will be kept private.

You can link between the public and private wikis simply by copying the addresses in [ ] brackets. For example, typing: [https://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/hi/Main_Page Title Of Link] shows up as: Title Of Link


How to edit

  • To edit you'll need to log in using your Middlebury network credentials. Then, on any page you want to change, click the Edit tab (or Edit link to the right of the appropriate section, for long pages) and start editing.
  • Wiki has its own formatting language that takes some getting used to. (Check in Preferences whether you are using the Javascript-based "rich text" editing toolbar so you can skip over the formatting stuff.) Check out the Editing Help page, or just use the Edit tab on this page to study how to make text into headers, bold, italics, linked, and so forth.


Basically the rule is: Similar pages should have links to each other. Wikis are only structured by the links present so use links liberally. In our current format, nearly every page has a link from the main Helpdesk page directly to it, organized by broad categories.

Rules of thumb

  • If you make a new page, make sure there is a link from the main page to it. That way we don't "lose" pages, and everyone can reach the new page easily.
  • Adjust the wiki structure as necessary. As the wiki grows and pages are added, the table of contents might need adjusting or regrouping. It's up to you to change the wiki structure as needed to make it easy to access what we need to access. (Just make sure you don't lose links to articles along the way! We don't want any orphaned articles that don't have any links to them.)
  • Err on the side of contributing. If you might have something good to say but you're not sure, just say it. We want your participation in developing the wiki. (But be aware that sensitive information should not go on the public wiki - see above.)
  • When you create a new page, add it to the Helpdesk category. Do this by mentioning "Helpdesk" in the Categories field when creating a new page.
  • If your are just adding a placeholder page that needs to be fleshed-out, add the {{stub}} text to the top of the page so that others can easily find it.
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