Wiki Editing Protocol

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I don't think that "protocol" for this wiki needs to be very strictly defined. However we should probably establish some guidelines for editing pages.

Anyone with ideas re: how the wiki should be organized, please contribute them here.


Something that I'm not clear on yet. Will this wiki be geared towards non-Helpdesk people? It will be accessible to the outside world.

  • Should we try to divide it into an "us" section and a "them" section?
  • What kinds of content should we NOT put on here, considering that it's open to the world?

--Hunt, Christopher 17:03, 9 July 2008 (EDT)

Rules of thumb

  • Sign your edits! For now at least, I'd suggest that everyone who adds sections or makes meaningful changes to the wiki's content, sign your name below or after the edit so that we can easily see who is contributing what. (Use the Signature button on the edit toolbar.) We can see info on all edits anyway in the History tab, but I feel like signing makes it more of a community effort.
  • If you make a new page, make sure there is a link from the main page to it. That way we don't "lose" pages, and everyone can reach the new page easily. Eventually, if this wiki gets big, we'll need a table of contents to index everything.
  • When you're not sure whether to contribute, contribute anyway. Err on the side of adding too much. It's easy to take out content or move it to a more relevant section. It's harder to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable jumping in to help. So if you might have something good to say, say it.

--Hunt, Christopher 17:57, 9 July 2008 (EDT)

How to edit

To edit you'll need to log in using your Middlebury network credentials. Then, on any page you want to change, click the Edit tab (or Edit link to the right of the appropriate section, for long pages) and start editing.

  • Look for how-to edit links on the edit page that will explain useful formatting marks, for creating features such as bold / italic text, links, and section headers.
  • "Minor edit" is for small corrections that other users don't need to know about. So if a page is on my watch-list (meaning I am notified of changes to that page), I won't be notified if you make the change as a "minor edit".

--Hunt, Christopher 18:18, 9 July 2008 (EDT)