Wiki Purpose and Content

LIS Wiki Purpose and Content:

Q. What is the purpose of the LIS Wiki?

A. The LIS Wiki contains publicly accessible documentation contributed and maintained by LIS Staff. This documentation can used by LIS Staff (internally-focused, procedural documentation) and the College community (externally-focused policies, how-to, tutorial, and other documentation).

Q. What goes in the LIS Wiki?


  • Documentation for users about how to use the systems and services we support
  • Local/internal documentation on procedures and policies
  • User information that would take up too much real-estate on a Drupal page (e.g., Borrowing, Helpdesk)

Guidelines for consistency:

  • Keep pages short
  • Create TOC (if page is NOT short) by making section headings (4 or more = TOC)
  • Assign tags/categories to each page.  Check for relevant tags/categories before creating a new one.

Problems that can point to above:

  • Poor relevancy of search results
  • Duplication of content
  • Lack of consistent tags/categories
  • Lack of guidelines for creation and maintenance of content

Advanced training — beyond the basics:

[Web Team: maybe omit this section? I believe I added to the Basecamp documentation, which originally mentioned 'education' -- Perhaps add  something like "for quick help, see this guide." -- RJ]

  • Layout
  • Linking
  • Images
  • Color, fonts, etc.
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