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What is the purpose of the LIS Wiki?

The LIS Wiki contains publicly accessible documentation contributed and maintained by LIS Staff. This documentation can used by LIS Staff (internally-focused, procedural documentation) and the College community (externally-focused policies, how-to, tutorial, and other documentation).

What goes in the LIS Wiki?

Some examples of content that is housed the LIS Wiki:

  • Policies describing LIS services and systems for the College community
  • Information for users about how to use the systems and services LIS supports
  • Local/internal documentation on procedures and policies
  • Detailed instructions and procedures that would take up too much space on a Drupal page (e.g., Borrowing, Helpdesk)

Guidelines for consistency

  • LIS Staff are strongly encouraged to watch Wiki pages with content that relates to their functional work in order to ensure content is accurate and current.
  • Do not create lengthy Wiki articles. Instead, organize content thematically and create links between relevant content using Hyperlinks and Categories.
  • Add/update content on wiki stub (incomplete) pages.
  • Create a Table of Contents (if page is NOT short) by adding section headings (if the page includes 4 or more sections, add a Table of Contents)
  • Assign tags/categories to each page. Categorize carefully and frequently. Check for relevant tags/categories before creating new categories.

Who can contribute content to the LIS Wiki?

Anyone with a Middlebury College username and password may contribute content to the LIS Wiki. (Individuals watching a Wiki page will receive automatic notification of changes made to Wiki articles. Changes may be reverted at any time.)

Help with Editing and Wiki-fying content

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