Windows 10

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Information Technology Services (ITS) continues to install Windows 7 on college-owned computers and requires that individuals do not install Windows 10 if they are prompted to do so on a college-owned machine. Members of ITS are beginning tests of commonly-used campus resources using Windows 10; this page will be updated as results are determined.

As with all operating system upgrades, there are potential issues of compatibility with applications and services. If you have a question as to whether an application you are using will be compatible with Windows 10, please check with the Helpdesk or with the application vendor.

Current Known Issues & Areas of Concern

  • Drivers are not yet available for many devices, such as printers, scanners, cameras, video cards, and mobile devices. Without drivers, the hardware you connect to your computer won't work properly.
  • Windows 10 Enterprise version is required for security and management features required for college computers. (Upgrading the Windows 7 Pro OS installed on college computers will provide Windows 10 Pro, not Enterprise)

Resolved Issues

  • Windows 10 computers may require a different version of our Junos Pulse Secure software used for VPN. Refer to http://go/vpn for details.

Learning Resources

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