Windows 7

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  • Test INB, Hyperion
  • Test connecting to an old ethernet/network switch like the one in Walkin
  • Test Campus Manager registration
  • KMS Server (check with S&N group)

General Network Troubleshooting Notes

  • Much like Vista, 7 tries to determine whether you are using an unknown or a known wired or wireless network. Sometimes it fails to recognize that you are using a previously used (a known) network. Disconnecting from the wired or wireless network and reconnecting seems to fix this.
  • When connecting to midd_secure don't use MIDD\username (just the username is enough)
  • Wireless sometimes displays wireless network names that were nearby before the computer went to sleep. Wait a minute or enable/disable the wireless adapter and this wil clear


Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007

The installation works just like in Vista and XP and they are fully compatible.

Misc. Notes

  • Control Panel does not have a classic mode

Wired Ethernet

  • Seems to work fine, but see TODO list on top.


  • midd_unplugged just works, select it from the wireless network menu and you're all set
  • midd_secure requires manual configuration (but it may be possible to script the setup)


  • Win7 wireless 1.png
  • Win7 wireless 2.png
  • Win7 vpn 3.png
  • Win7 vpn 4.png
  • Win7 vpn 5.png
  • Win7 vpn 6.png
  • Win7 vpn 7.png