Windows Hangs Before or After Login

Windows hangs before the login window appears or after pressing CTRL+ALT+Delete

Possible Culprits: Novell Client

Possible Solutions:

  • Wait patiently for the login screen to appear
  • Update the Novell Client from \\Snowleopard\vol1\Software\Software-Windows
  • Uninstall the novell client (control panel => add/remove programs, works in safe mode) then reinstall the Novell Client from \\Snowleopard\vol1\Software\Software-Windows
  • Remove the novell client from the login screen:
    • Login through safe mode if normal mode is not working
    • Start => Run => nwtray.exe => OK
    • Look in system tray, right-click the red "N" => Select "Properties", under "Advanced Login", scroll down in the list and set "Initial Novell Login" to "Off". You can then drag Start => Programs => Novell Client to the Desktop (so customers can run the novell login AFTER the windows login)

Windows hangs after login but before seeing the desktop

Possible culprits: Novell client (see above). Old wireless drivers. Hanging printer spooler service. Note: Before proceding with the solutions, start => run => compmgmt.msc => even viewer => system, then view the errors whose time stamp coincides with the hang. Possible Solutions: Novell client (see above). Update wireless and wired network drivers. Remove all printers and reinstall them.

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