Windows XP

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Languages and international input

Typing in a foreign language

  1. Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel
  2. Regional and Language Options -> Languages tab -> click Details
  3. Click Add to add new keyboard input layouts.
  4. Also look for the Language Bar button to add the language switcher to the taskbar.
  5. We need a section on adding support for east Asian, Arabic, Cyrillic, etc. -- A Windows install CD is needed for this...
  6. If adding Chinese, see the section on Typing in Chinese

Use the on-screen keyboard to see where each letter is, when your current input method is not the same layout as the layout of the keyboard you are using.

  • To start OSK on WinXP: Start -> Run -> osk and press enter
  • To start OSK on Vista: Start -> type in osk and press enter

Change the entire system's language

In Windows XP, it is not possible to change the language of the operating system (all messages, menu items, etc.) without buying and installing a special International edition of Windows to have multiple languages available. On Windows Vista this process is much easier and does not require a separate install CD.