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In the past, all dorms had live network jacks that could be used with an Ethernet cable to connect to Middlebury's network. We are shifting away from this model since wireless coverage is now available across campus. Dorms that are equipped with our new wireless access points (WAPs) no longer have active network jacks for use with Ethernet cables. 
see https://go.middlebury.edu/wireless or https://go.middlebury.edu/tdx for current networking info
=== All-Wireless Dorms ===
The following dorms have our new wireless access points (WAPs).  Network jacks in these buildings are not live; they can be activated upon request by [http://go.middlebury.edu/whd submitting a request] to the Technology Helpdesk.
*51 Franklin St.
*Atwater A & B
*Chateau, floors 2 & 3 (added 8/28/18)
*Homestead (added 8/21/18)
*Jewett (added 7/23/18)
*Longwell (added 7/23/18)
*Porter House
*Ridgeline Suites
*Ridgeline Townhouse Center
*Ridgeline Townhouse North
*Ridgeline Townhouse South
*Ross Tower
=== Connect to the Wired Network  ===
A standard double room has two network outlets in it, usually on opposite sides of the room.  Each outlet has 2 jacks in it.  The red jack is typically the active one.
'''Caution:''' In the Ross dorms Kelly, Lang, Milliken, and Hadley, the two jacks are labelled "DATA" and "VOICE".  Use the DATA jack.  ''Do not plug into the "VOICE" jack'' as this carries an information current that could potentially damage the Ethernet hardware on your computer!
=== Connection Troubleshooting ===
* Make sure you are using an Ethernet cable. This is slightly wider than a standard phone / modem cable and carries eight wires instead of just four. Make sure the cable is firmly plugged into the jack.
* If your computer is connected to our wired network, its IP address should begin with 140.233. An IP address beginning with 169 indicates that your computer isn't detecting the network.
* Try the other jack ''unless'' you live in Ross; ''do not'' connect your computer to the "Voice" jack.
* Try to determine whether the computer, the cable, or the jack is causing the problem. Try plugging your computer into a friend's (working) network jack. Try borrowing a friend's Ethernet cable.
* If you aren't getting a connection or you want help, feel free to call the Helpdesk. It's possible that the wall jack is broken, in which case we'll send out a request to get it fixed.
=== Related Links ===
* [[Wireless Availability at Middlebury]]
* Visit [http://go.middlebury.edu/wireless go/wireless] for up-to-date information about our wireless networks and how to connect.
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