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== Current Offerings & Upcoming Changes ==
#redirect [[Get Started with Wireless]]
<span style="color:red">No additional changes to our wireless networks have taken place since Wednesday, March 11.</span>
We are giving people more time to switch from Midd-standard to the new '''MiddleburyCollege''' network.  If you haven’t already done so, please take this opportunity to connect your wireless devices to '''MiddleburyCollege'''.  If you encounter any difficulties, contact the [http://go.middlebury.edu/whd Technology HelpDesk] for assistance.
See [http://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wikis/LIS/images/b/bc/WirelessChangesGrid.png Changes in Brief] or refer to the recent [http://sites.middlebury.edu/lis/2015/02/13/new-wireless-network-configuration blog post] for full details.
The following wireless networks are currently available:
* '''MiddleburyCollege''' is the new, fast, and secure wireless network.  A Middlebury username and password or guest account is required.
* '''MCPSK''' is the new wireless network for the limited devices that cannot connect to the MiddleburyCollege network.
* '''Midd-standard''' is used to allow access to campus visitors.  <span style="color:red">It will be retired soon.</span>
* The '''eduroam''' network is available for guests from participating institutions who don't have Middlebury credentials.
= The MiddleburyCollege Wireless Network =
<br> <span style="color:green">
'''This new and improved network is now available for use.'''</span>
== Connect your Windows 7 computer to MiddleburyCollege ==
#Click the wireless icon ([[Image:WirelessIcon.jpg]]) located on the far right of the task bar along the bottom of your screen.
#Click '''MiddleburyCollege''' in the list, then click the '''Connect''' button.
#* If you are prompted for Network Authentication, enter your Middlebury College username and password OR your Middlebury Guest Account credentials, then click '''OK'''.
#When the Windows Security Alert dialogue window appears, click the '''Connect''' button to accept the College's security certificate.
== Connect your Windows 8.1 computer to MiddleburyCollege ==
# Swipe inward from the right of the screen, then tap '''Settings''', OR if using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner, move the mouse pointer up, then click '''Settings'''.
# Tap or click the network icon ([[Image:WirelessIcon.jpg]]).
# Tap or click '''MiddleburyCollege''', then tap or click '''Connect'''.
#* If you are prompted for Network Authentication, enter your Middlebury College username and password OR your Middlebury Guest Account credentials, then click '''OK'''.
== Connect your Mac OS X computer to MiddleburyCollege ==
#Click on the AirPort icon ([[Image:Airport icon.PNG]]) on the right end of the menu bar at the top of your screen.
#Select '''MiddleburyCollege''' from the list.
#Enter your Middlebury College username and password OR your Middlebury Guest Account credentials then click '''JOIN'''.
#After a few seconds you will be prompted to accept the College’s security certificate. Click '''[[Image:Mac continue button.PNG]]'''.
#* You will be asked to supply login credentials having administrator access to the computer.  Enter valid credentials, then click '''Update Settings'''.
== Connect iOS devices to MiddleburyCollege ==
#From the '''Home''' screen of your iOS device, select '''Settings'''.
#From the '''Settings''' screen, select '''Wi-Fi'''.
#Make sure that&nbsp;'''Wi-Fi''' is '''ON''', then select '''MiddleburyCollege''' from the '''Choose a Network...'''&nbsp;list.
#At the prompts, enter your Middlebury College username and password OR your Middlebury Guest Account credentials and then select&nbsp;'''Join'''.
#Click '''Accept''' for the ''securelogin.arubanetworks.com'' certificate.
#Wi-Fi should now reflect your connection to the MiddleburyCollege wireless network.
== Connect Android devices to MiddleburyCollege==
#Find and select '''Settings''' on the screen of your Android device.
#From the '''Settings''' screen, select '''Wi-Fi''' and make sure it is '''ON'''.
#Select '''MiddleburyCollege''' from the list of available networks.
#On the '''pop-up menu''' make sure that the following settings are made:
#*'''Security''' - 802.1x EAP (leave as default)
#*'''EAP method''' - PEAP (leave as default)
#*'''Phase 2 authentication''' - MSCHAPV2
#*'''CA certificate''' - unspecified (leave as default)
#*'''Identity''' - Middlebury College username (OR Guest account email address)
#*'''Anonymous identity''' - leave empty
#*'''Password''' - your Middlebury College password (OR Middlebury Guest account password)
#'''Connect''' and you should be on the MiddleburyCollege network!
= The GuestAccountCreation Wireless Network (coming soon) =
Guests and others who do not have a username and password, either because they haven’t created an account or they have forgotten their password, will connect to this new, open wireless network designed strictly for this purpose.  '''Connections are limited to intervals of 15 minutes.'''
Once a guest account has been created, the email address and password should be used to connect to the [[Wireless#The_MiddleburyCollege_Wireless_Network|MiddleburyCollege wireless network]].
=== How to Create a Guest Wireless Account ===
* [[Create Guest Wireless Account from On Campus]]  (Printable [http://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wikis/LIS/images/9/94/Cheatsheet-Create_Guest_Account_on_Campus.pdf Cheat Sheet] - PDF format])
* [[Create Guest Wireless Account Before Visiting Campus]]
=== Forgot Your Guest Account Password? ===
From on campus, follow these steps to [[Forgot_Guest_Account_Password|set a new password for your guest account]].
= The Midd-standard Wireless Network  =
<span style="color:red">'''IMPORTANT:  This network will be RETIRING soon.'''</span>
Visitors to campus who do not have Middlebury login credentials should use the '''Midd-standard''' network.  This is an interim measure until our new GuestAccountCreation network becomes available.
Please contact the Helpdesk at 802.443.2200 for the key to connect to '''Midd-standard'''.
= The MCPSK Wireless Network =
<span style="color:green">'''This new network is now available for use.''' </span>
This network is intended '''only''' for devices that cannot connect to the [[Wireless#The_MiddleburyCollege_Wireless_Network|MiddleburyCollege wireless network]], including the following:  PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo DS, Kindle, and Nook.
If the above applies to you, please [https://webhelpdesk.middlebury.edu/helpdesk/WebObjects/Helpdesk.woa/wa/TicketActions/new?rt=231 create a Helpdesk ticket] with your [[Finding your MAC address|MAC address]] to gain access.
= The eduroam Wireless Network =
Eduroam has become very popular at Colleges and Universities in Europe as a way for faculty, staff and students to be able to access the Internet wirelessly while visiting other participating institutions.  As a participating member of Eduroam, we now offer wireless Internet access in a secure and reliable manner to Eduroam-participating school members without having to have them register ahead of time.  Likewise, our faculty, staff and students will have wireless Internet access while visiting at other participating institutions.
You will know you are at a participating institution if you see a network called '''eduroam''' listed.  To use eduroam when traveling, you will need to enter your full '''username@middlebury.edu''' and password.
'''Important note:'''  While here on campus, Middlebury faculty, staff, and students do not benefit from use of the eduroam network.  It is designed for guests and does not provide the access or speed that you enjoy when using [[#The_MiddleburyCollege_wireless_network|MiddleburyCollege]].
== Configuring your wireless device for eduroam ==
* Please visit:  https://www.eduroam.us/node/26 for configuration information covering a variety of operating systems.
* See https://confluence.terena.org/display/H2eduroam/endusers for additional documentation.
== Additional eduroam resources ==
* [https://www.eduroam.org/index.php?p=where Where can I use eduroam?]
* http://www.eduroam.org
* http://www.eduroam.us
= Retired Wireless Networks  =
*<span style="color:red">'''midd_secure was RETIRED on Wednesday, March 11, 2015.''' </span> <br>
Please use the new [[Wireless#The_MiddleburyCollege_Wireless_Network|'''MiddleburyCollege''']] wireless network.  <br>
*<span style="color:red">'''midd_unplugged was RETIRED on Tuesday, March 3, 2015.'''</span>
Campus visitors should use the '''[[Wireless#The_Midd-standard_Wireless_Network|Midd-standard]]''' wireless network until our new GuestAccountCreation network is available later this month.
= Locations of Wireless Networks  =
== Main Campus Wireless Locations  ==
Most buildings on campus have wireless access points.
Please contact the Technology Helpdesk at 802.443.2200 or [https://webhelpdesk.middlebury.edu/helpdesk/WebObjects/Helpdesk.woa/wa/TicketActions/new?rt=84 submit a ticket to request wireless] in an area that does not already have it.
== Off-Campus Student Housing Wireless Locations ==
Most of the off-campus student houses have wireless routers, however service there is provided by other Internet Service Providers (ISPs), such as Comcast or Verizon.
== Bread Loaf Campus Wireless Locations  ==
Wireless is available at the following locations:
*Brandy Brook
*Caretaker's House
*Davison Library
*Earthworm Manor
*The Inn
*Little Theatre
Please note that other small houses along Route 125 (such as Cornwall) generally have useable wireless signals from adjacent buildings.
== Snow Bowl Wireless Locations  ==
Wireless is available at the following locations:
*Main Base Lodge
*Ski Patrol Cabin
See Also [[Wireless Troubleshooting]]
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