Wireless Troubleshooting

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How and where to connect to the College's wireless networks.

Locations of Libraries, Computers, And Wireless Networks on Campus



See Midd unplugged


See Midd secure

Personal Wireless Access Points

See Routers


We now have wireless service at the Bread Loaf cross-country ski center. The network is "Breadnet", the standard Bread Loaf wireless service – not "Midd Unplugged". No authentication required, it acts like Midd Unplugged.

Info from summer 2009: Most of the Bread Loaf campus is able to use "Midd Unplugged" for wireless access. Cherry, Birch, Maple & Frothingham buildings, however, need to select the "Breadnet" wireless network. No log on credentials are required for either one.

Wireless in Cherry, Birch, Maple, and Frothingham depends on a chain of wireless access points (WAPs) extending from the Annex. The farthest eastward extent of the Bread Loaf campus fiber infrastructure is the Annex. If any WAP in the chain going east from the Annex ceases working, everything from there eastward loses connectivity.

Disable Intel Pro Wireless and Switch to the Windows Wireless Client

To disable the Intel wireless software and delegate wireless management to the built-in Windows XP Wireless software:

This can be done in a few different ways, depending on the version of the Intel software:
- Right-click on the Intel Wireless tray icon (next to the clock in the lower right side of the screen), select "Let Windows Manage Wi-fi"
- Double-click on the Intel Wireless tray icon (next to the clock in the lower right side of the screen). When the Intel window appears click Tools => "Let Windows Manage Wi-fi" or Advanced => "Let Windows Manage Wi-fi"

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