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Deploying updates

  1. Apply updates and fixes, push to the central Git repository. See WordPress Development.
  2. ssh to the production host
  3. cd to the wordpress directory
  4. run git pull

Domain Names for blogs

1. Ask the client (if he/she owns and manages his/her own domain) or CSNS (if it's a middlebury.edu subdomain) to have the address point to the IP address for orator (

2. Enter the Domain Mapping settings page in the WordPress admin interface.

3. Enter the site ID of the WordPress site and the domain information, and click Save.

4. Add the domain to the CAS services directory.

If the DNS has not yet been pointed at our host and content editing is still needed before roll-out, be sure the "Primary" checkbox is not checked. If none of them are primary, visitors will be redirected to http://sites.middlebury.edu/blogname and be able to work with the blog before the DNS changes propagate. Once editing is done and you are ready for the cut-over, edit the entry on the Domain Mapping settings page and set the appropriate domain to "Primary". Until any users' DNS caches are updated they will be redirected to the primary host-name which might send them to the old site temporarily.
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