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Our sites.middlebury.edu and sites.miis.edu WordPress installations support approximately 4,000 sites used by the entire community. Due to the scale of this installation we cannot allow individuals to download and install plugins and themes themselves. All WordPress plugins must be reviewed by our web-development staff who look for security and operational issues, duplication of functionality, and utility for the community before adding them to the system.

We accept plugin requests from the entire community to ensure that WordPress is meeting the broad needs of our users. That said, maintaining and regularly updating the 190+ plugins we provide in sites.middlebury.edu and sites.miis.edu requires significant staff time, so we will need a few details from you:

  • What are you specifically hoping to accomplish with this plugin?
  • Many plugins have multiple features -- please indicate which features are of primary importance to you and which features are “nice to have” or unimportant.
  • Does this plugin provide new functionality that isn't currently available or do you see it as an improvement on functionality that already exists?
  • Does the plugin you are requesting do something similar to an existing plugin? If so, how are they different?

    Documentation on many WordPress plugins is available in the Library & ITS wiki, even more can be found by browsing the plugins list within sites.middlebury.edu/sites.miis.edu and reading documentation on the plugins’ websites.
  • Does the plugin you are requesting require extra purchase/licensing to achieve your goals?

    Due to the additional overhead of managing licensing details and accounts during frequent plugin security upgrades we are generally unable to provide purchased plugins in sites.middlebury.edu/sites.miis.edu. Free plugins sourced through the WordPress.org plugin directory are less likely to have these types of licensing restrictions.
  • What is your backup plan or work-around if this plugin cannot be made available?

Your answers to these questions will allow us to either provide you with details on how to accomplish your goals using existing functionality or give us what we need to begin a plugin review.


Submit requests for plugins via Web Help Desk.

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