Zero touch computer deployment

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Beginning in 2020, ITS will transition to a modern computer distribution process called zero touch computer deployment.   

Prior to this point, ITS purchased computers from hardware manfacturers and spent several hours per machine installing the operating system, running updates and installing all standard software.  In addition, ITS would also install custom software depending on the employees needs.  

Moving forward, ITS will now purchase hardware from either Dell or Apple.  Hardware information about these machines will be automatically sent to our cloud-based management systems, and, when a user first signs in to the computer with their Middlebury credentials, Middlebury's custom configuration will be automatically applied.  Not only does this automate a very time consuming process, but it also allows for a more secure product and a more consistent experience for our users.  Another byproduct of this changed is an improved solftware self-service experience.   Our services catalog has new categories for academic and business applications.

ITS will still be very involved in the deployment process and will be available to assist with software downloads or other custom configurations once an employee's computer has been deployed.