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 MIIS Monterey Institute of International Studies - Relevant Courses in Applied Linguistics  [as of 10/08]

Language Analysis
Serves as an introduction to linguistic analysis. Includes projects based on fieldwork in phonology, morphology, syntax, discourse, and pragmatics.
Discusses importance of language awareness. Includes pedagogical strategies for consciousness-raising.

Introduces the interplay between language and society. Discusses regional and social dialects as well as the role of linguistic attitudes and language variation in language learning and teaching.

Educational Research Methods
Introduces social science research design, descriptive and analytic procedures, basic statistics, and their application to research on language learning and teaching.

Second Language Acquisition
Surveys, in seminar format, research in second-language learning relating to language teaching and learning. Discusses the role of affective variables, interaction, learner strategies, and learner factors in the language acquisition process. Prerequisite: Language Analysis

Structure of English (TESOL)
Examines the syntax and discourse of modern English for ESL and EFL teaching. Spotlights practical applications for the classroom.
Prerequisite: Language Analysis.

Applied Linguistics Research (TESOL)
Requires original research to be conducted by the student on language attitudes, cultural variables, language learning, or other topics from sociolinguistics and second language acquisition. Prerequisites: Language Analysis, Educational Research Methods, and either Second Language Acquisition or Sociolinguistics.