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On Monday, May 19th, at noon, this wiki will be locked, disabling further editing. At that time, it will be evaluated as to how well it is able to answer the questions on the course final exam. The exam will consist of a number of keywords from the course - terms, names, media, concepts. Each keyword will be searched for on the wiki - the resulting entries will be graded on how well they define the word, place it within its larger context, explore its significance for understanding media technology, provide relevant examples of the term, and link to significant related terms within the wiki and sites outside the wiki.

All entries on the wiki should be written in the students' own words, not relying on quotations except when necessary, and never copying uncited material from outside sources. Each entry should function as a straightforward exploration of the term, not an examination answer. Ultimately the wiki should function to demonstrate the collective learning achieved throughout the semester.

The wiki will be graded on the basis of its ability to answer the questions on the final exam. This grade will serve as the average exam grade of all students in the course - how grades will be distributed to students is explained by the grading policy.