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== Rhetoric ==
== Rhetoric ==
== Combining the two: '''Procedural Rhetoric ==
== Combining the two: ''Procedural Rhetoric'' ==

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Procedural Rhetoric is a concept developed by Ian Bogost in his book Persuasive Games: The expressive Power of videogames (MIT Press 2007).

In this book, Bogost analyzes the history of rhetoric and argues that videogames are part of a new form of rhetoric since their procedurality involves interaction. He calls this new form of persuasion Procedural Rhetoric, and develops his argument by comparing videogames to the characteristics of computers and by analyzing the influence that videogames can have on politics, advertising and education.

Bogost develops this argument by first analyzing the notion of "procedurality," then the idea of "rhetoric" and then combining the two to form Procedural Rhetoric.



Combining the two: Procedural Rhetoric