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The Contemporary A Cappella Society (of America), or CASA, is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to fostering and promoting a cappella music of all styles[1] around the world. CASA was founded in 1991 by Deke Sharon [1][2][3]. The organization boasts over 2,500 current members, and serves as a resource for media and scholarly work in the area of contemporary a cappella.[2][4]

The annual Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards (aka the "CARAs") recognize the best recorded a cappella[5] and aim to support this burgeoning culture of instrumentless enthusiasts. Every year since 1992 hundreds of albums are considered in this celebration of the best a cappella recorded around the planet.

Annual convention held on East Coast, which includes performances by a cappella groups from around the world, as well as workshops[6] held by experts in the field.

Tunes To Teens (TTT) is designed to put a cappella CDs into the hands of developing singers. Chorus by chorus, TTT sends junior high and high school students a cappella CDs donated by a variety of sources. The program's goal is to spark interest in a cappella music in up-and-coming singers[7], and to serve as a touchstone for directors to teach their students the basics of music theory. Since 2003, over 2000 students in 23 US states and Canada have received CDs from TTT.

CASA keeps in close touch with its membership through the CASA.org website. The website features articles, blogs, and an Acapedia, which are updated daily.

A Cappella Radio International was aired on over 50 stations worldwide from 1997-2004.Template:Fact Currently, CASA.org hosts CASA Radio, a perpetual streaming radio station featuring contemporary a cappella music.

CASA has helped lead the chargeTemplate:Fact for more published contemporary a cappella sheet music, resulting in the Contemporary A Cappella Songbook series.

CASA has been establishing contemporary a cappella choruses around the United States, from the SF Bay Area [8] to Maryland [9]


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