The White Paper

From Media Technology and Culture Change

The White Paper is a paper written by Henry Jenkins and other that addresses many issues including the skills, participation, education, and networking necessary for everyone to effectively use and understand the new media landscapes.

The new forms of participatory culture include Affiliations (social networking or online communities such as facebook, MySpace, or gaming clans) , Expressions (creation of media, such as remixing images or video, fan-fiction, or modding games), Collaborative Problem-Solving (communal or collaborative work such as Wikipedia, fan forums, or spoiling), and Circulations (affecting the availability of media, such as podcasts, youTube videos, or blogging).

The skills that can be learned from these new media landscapes include play, performance, simulation, appropriation, multitasking, distributed cognition, collective intelligence, judgment, transmedia navigation, networking, and negotiation.