Trans-media storytelling

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Trans-media storytelling uses various media to convey different parts or events of one story (it traverses media). Henry Jenkins examines the way that the Wachowski brothers use trans-media storytelling in The Matrix. The viewer does not fully experience the entire story until he or she experiences every aspect that is offered across the different types of media. Someone who has played the game Enter The Matrix or seen The Animatrix is able to better understand the entire story and will get a lot more out of it than someone who only watches the films.

Trans-media storytelling, however, can also alienate some of its viewers by not offering enough in one specific medium. This method of storytelling can be more enjoyable for Loyals who are fully committed to the story and are ready and willing to cross media platforms to get as much out of it as they can. For a casuals, though, the idea of having to chase a story across different media platforms can be intimidating, and they may not bother with any of it.