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A wiki is a community based website which promotes the editing of, or addition/removal of material all together. The first wiki was made in the mid 1990s and was called, "WikiWikiWeb." A wiki's biggest function is to organize and pool information in a user friendly manner. The best known wiki, wikipedia is an example of how information can be collected in an easily navigable way, complete with links between pages, searching, and categories.

The major criticism of open-source wikis, like Wikipedia, is that they are unreliable due to the massive number of contributors. However, "Proponents rely on their community of users who can catch malicious content and correct it. Wikis in general make a basic assumption of the goodness of people.[1]"

Due to their vast wealth of information and incredibly effective browsing techniques, Wikis are the fastest way to collect information in the age of the Web 2.0


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