Meeting 8/13/2009

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We had a good meeting today where lots of tricks for drupal were shared. If you weren’t able to make the meeting, you might want to swing by Kade for a tutorial, but I will try my best below to explain what we went over. You are all amazing troopers for dealing with this whole new system, but I promise the reward in the end will be a fantastic site and a good party...

File Upload:

1. To upload any file (photo, PDF, etc) click on the add button on the top of the file page for your section.

2. Click on file upload and then title and find your file. If it is a photo and is going to be displayed in one of the templates (like the landing pages or in the photos area next to the title card) you may want to add a caption to the photo. This will be displayed below the photo. You can add more than one item at a time to the page but clicking the “add more” button.

3. Then the file will appear on the page but it isn’t yet displaying on the page, it is simply attached to the page. In order to have the file show up in your page, you’ll need to add it to your page content. Please double check that the file has a title. There has been a bug that deletes the title. If you don’t see a title, please hit the edit button under the file and add the title.

4. To add the image to one of the templates, click the edit button and add the image in the image field area. You can start to type in the name to find it quicker.

This method will place the photo in the template and auto resize the photo so it fits the area. If the photo is too small, it will not stretch so you may need to upload a bigger image.

5. To add the image to the main text area, click on the little tree next to the anchor.

6. You’ll now need to find you photo on the site map – click the home button and find your page – the file will appear on the page it was loaded. Do not upload a file from this box – its a bit too easy to load files to the homepage... ; )

7. Click on the file and you’ll see some options for images. You’ll be able to pick a size and some other options. When ready, click insert.

8. If the size is still not right, you can click on the photo and resize the image by dragging a corner.

9. Then save and check out your page!

The process will be similar for other files.

Linking text to PDFs (Not recommending this but if you have to...)

1. Upload the file as described above. (Steps 1 – 3)

2. Click to edit your content area and click to where you’d like the PDF to be.

Then you’ll repeat steps 5 – 6 above. Clicking on the tree box to insert a file and finding the file from the site map. When you find your file, click on it. Then you’ll want to make sure the title of the file is what you want the viewer to see and click insert.

The PDF is now actually on your page and you can format it as you wish.