Minutes for 12/12/08

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December 12th Meeting Minutes

  • Ryan will not be here today
    *Pilar not here today
    ---> Next up for Meeting Minutes Luis


  • Has been going okay, is in process. Working with CNS finding the right software to work with to record their work.
    * Will be doing some testing using IShowU, was trying to use an internal program within second life and that didn't work
    * Goal is to develop the 2nd Life world, helping them document the CNS world
    * Computer Maintenance
    o Having trouble finding a solution to clean the screens, the fingerprints won't come off
    o Ran all the updates for computers
    * Network Management
    o Addition to Network Management document, make sure to give students clear instructions on how to
    o Communal Documents folder for students to save things in


  • Update: Aesthics for the space, images on the wall
    * Furniture, Cabinet hitting a roadblock
    o Bob has been talking to the Facilities dept, with no response
    o Sai went to go check and they said they haven't seen the request yet
    o Resolution: need to pump up the volume on the Facilities department, it hasn't arrived on the main boss' desk, so they won't move on it until that happens.


  • Update: Usage Stats & Network Management
    * Move up the priority on getting the picture frames and images on the wall etc.
    * Suggestion from Sai about Usage Stats: get some software to capture student ID#'s and other info before allowing them to login. We can can keep the sign in sheet, we don't want to lose the personal touch!


  • Needs to talk to Gustavo abt the Mac that makes loud obnoxious noise, or hand it over to Bob
    * Email Management, everyone needs to make sure to manage your section...

Notes to everyone from Sarah

  • Google Sites

o All TLC and DMC have accts on the MIIS google apps.
o Suggested use for GoogleApps make the graphics exciting look on Wordpress, and possibly have them link to more info on Google Apps, She will be forwarding the login information to us
o We have educational accts, which allow us to have more space, Username: first name.lastname
* MediaWiki from Middlebury, something to check out and keep our eyes on

Note to Everyone

*Document on the home page of Wordpress, instead in the individual tab, UNTIL we figure out how to get them to work the way we want them to.

DeVan: Here throughout Christmas break
Pilar: not here
Ryan: not here