Minutes for 2/27/09

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 Friday February 27th, 2009
Meeting Minutes


1. Thursdays workshops
2. Open house
3. Webspace ready?
4. Internal communication tool-Yammer
5. Media inventory and check-out and check-in policy
6. Other

1. Thursdays workshops:
New schedule on line @ google docs: DMC workshops series planning (in progress)
Need to include a compression-conversion workshop
Design a digital media etiquette series: compression, file size, managing video footage
Need to upload schedule to moodle and wedsite DMC landing page
Design a poster with schedule and e-mail to sign-ups.
Check calendar before making it official.

2. Open house
Convert Open house into a workshop and show different projects developed in DMC.
Do we need and can have more traffic?
Change to “closing-house”: exhibition of projects developed at DMC during the semester.
We need to start working on DMC library to have enough material to show at the end of semester. Topic open for discussion.

3. Webspace ready?
Jeremy hasn’t been able to access the blog, so he hasn’t gotten too far on it.
Name change from Miis stories to Digital media commons to favor identification.
Jeremy will keep on working in it with DeVan.
DeVan is now the new contact point regarding this issue.

4. Internal communication tool-Yammer:
Yammer is working good for everyone
Tags: need to decide what to tag for.
Archiving in Wiki
What is the vision with yammer? Team communication: is fast and allow to keep everyone up to speed.
Find the balance between over-communicating and the necessary amount.

5. Media inventory and check-out and check-in policy
There is a need to communicate our overarching objective: how to get across the message of the difference between all the different areas related to computer/technology services on campus and what the DMC do. Communicating our objective.

Lending equipment policies:
-Talk to Media Services staff to clarify each “office” capacity/vision-mission – reorganization meeting, to have a share understanding on how to work together.How to communicate students what they can do at the DMC clearly and differentiating from IT services?
- Lending policies still need to be defined.We don’t want to turn into the equipment lending office.
- Who is able, to what purposes and for how long can people check out equipment from the DMC?
Suggestions: for Beta testing equipment, academic projects that tie in with the DMC mission.
- Molly is going to work on a check-out system

- A communication bridge with media services is very necessary: maybe we need to work together and draw a line. Have a party to see what equipment is available and identify what is needed.
“Media services-DMC equipment party” purposes:
-get to know them team working at the Media Services
- familiarize with the equipment they have and determine what tools are needed to connect this equipments with the DMC computers.
- Frame it like a formal meeting (not a "party") to determine how can the 2 units (DMC and Media Services) combine to offer a better service to the Miis community.
- Sort the Logistics of the meeting: contact Norman to find if this is something they would be interested in doing.
- Lack of communication with Norman student’s downstairs: turning down the computers.

6. Other issues:
- There are still issues with networking to keep files in the computers and with the storaging space on video1 and 2 files.
Ryan says and option is to go to Apple Store and explore the possibilities of the Air port. Does is work better? Is it appropriate for the need we have at DMC? Ryan and Luis will be going to Apple store on Monday.

- Need to get rid of the guest account: Is creating conflicts with file storage. Luis is going to work on it this week.

- Keep computers clean

- Consider having friday meetings in the back room to avoid interruptions, or have a non-interruption policy.

For next meeting:
1. Mission! Values! Core competencies! For communication w/ institute, Media services, etc
2. Advertising Thursday Workshops
3. Define lending system - Molly
4. Issues with Airports - resolved?
5. Progress with DMC blog?
6. Media Library - where and what collecting?
7. DMC Closing House?
8. Cleaning schedule