Minutes for 9/26/08

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Weekly Meeting and Assignments

* Sai - Banners, Lock Boxes, Security, Equipment
   o Jeremy (bald one)-new head of security
   o Lock box somewhere out of site- $40-$75, $46 combination lock box from staples, cabinet in the works
   o Banners- $110-$600 - MIIS does business with truxises $135, eco-friendly- Mary is the owner 1 week-3 weeks time period
   o Installed printers
   o Talk with security

* Ryan - Wordpress, Video Installations, Logo finalization
   o Wordpress up and running, put video clips up, wrap up next two episodes next week
   o miisdmc.wordpress.com

* DeVan - Networking, Bento, Filemaker, Library Mktg, Logo finalization
   o Knowledge demonstrations
   o DMC network
   o 2 video disks, 1/2 video disks, speedwise should be no issue

* Luis - Networking, Automater task flows, system updates
   o Remote desktop, manage the computers, automaters
   o Lock down on DMC staff computer?
   o Bob will purchase remote desktop 3 today

* Pilar - Google sites, Logo finalization, TLC, Video
   o Worked with Bento, video strategy w/ Ryan

BENTO for project management, login, traffic tracker
GOOGLE DOCs for Agendas, task assignments calendar, communication, GMAIL Email account for official DMC correspondence with clients.
WORDPRESS for updates individual progress on tasks and documents.