Staff Advisory Team Meeting Notes February 17, 2010

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Kenley’s Historic Larkin House, 2/17/10
Present: Lynn, Edy, Trinidad, Rachel, Kenley

  • Agreed to move meeting time to 3p to accommodate Devin’s schedule.
  • Discussed using SAT blog as a PR face to the community. We can “syndicate” posts to it with tags. Can use blog as a tool to help with transitioning to a new team. Kenley and Trinidad will work with Lynn.
  • New Employee Orientation
    • Org charts – very much a moving target and a sensitive subject with executives. Uncertainty on how such a document would be maintained. Kenley will contact BBurke on org chart status. A “dept. map” may be a better tool/name, showing relationships of depts.
    • We need to re-write checklist, give it more staff focus. There’ll be another revision with Edy, Rachel, Trinidad & HR.
  • Year-end Event
    • We need to create a proposal stating event details. Amy McGill will give this Sunder.
    • BBurke, via Kenley, suggested holding off scheduling the June event; a mid-June date may be the best time. Sunder leaves June 29
    • Kenley also learned from Amy next year’s SAT budget is uncertain and she would keep us posted.
    • Rachel is keen on a beach party, tentative time between 3-6pm.