Staff Advisory Team Meeting Notes June 22, 2009

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  • Distributed Summary of Staff Needs Analysis Data and discussed Power point presentation for upcoming event on June 25
  • Finalized mission statement, final draft will appear in Power point presentation at event.
  • Discussed details of June 25th event and did final walkthrough Upcoming regular biweekly meeting that would occur on June 26th is canceled due to event and meeting today.
  • Next meeting on Friday, July 10 will be a discussion of the June 25th event and next steps in terms of the needs analysis.
  • Meeting on Friday, July 24 will be a training meeting in IT to go over calendar functions, updating wiki and any other communication strategies we would like to implement for our team.

Also, Devin, Trinidad will update you on what still needs to be done on the powerpoint and on the meeting in general. Rachel, if you would like me to come by to update you, please let me know when you will be free to discuss.