Staff Advisory Team Meeting Notes November 4, 2009

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Notes November 4, 2009 Present: Rafael, Devin, Trinidad, Kenley, Amy McGill

1) SAT role in helping shape new employee orientation (Amy McGill) Amy suggests we have a task force, a couple from SAT and a couple from HR. Could pull in other staff, as appropriate, to get particular input. Work out a protocol for staff orientation. Some places have elaborate orientation processes. MIDD for example has a daylong orientation every month. We need a more personalized, checklist-based orientation. Part of it can be done by HR, part by other departments. Rachel, Trinidad and Edy. Trinidad will set up appt with HR. Try to foster a welcoming feeling. HR had a checklist for hiring departments.

2) SAT Executive Summary (feedback from Amy McGill) President and staff were pleased with our program of work. Amy suggests we have a venue to meet with the board in Jan or April. Barbara will put us on the schedule. How we evolved, our workplan for year, share activities done to date. they'll want to know what staff morale is like. MIIS trustees are very caring, concerned people. They like talking to faculty staff and students.

Rafael mentioned article in CHOMP magazine that discussed wellness program. New employee assistance program may have some of the elements of a wellness program. Someone from that organization will be at MIIS in February. Rafael will share this with other staff members.

Amy would like to talk with us before the end of the calendar year about CTO issues. Amy will attend Nov 18 3:30 meeting.

3) Upcoming First Friday Lunch Kenley will send out all staff/faculty email Friday morning.

4) Review of Open House Schedule Office Services on November 19

5) Follow up on exit interviews Did Edy hear anything?

6) Guidance from Lynn M? We will send an email to Edy and Rachel about inviting Lynn to 18 Nov meeting to assess her interests in contributing to the group.

Will we have holiday party? If not, perhaps SAT could sponsor a potluck.