Activating Your Middlebury Account

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Middlebury automatically creates email accounts on their Exchange email server for Monterey Institute registered students, faculty or staff. You must activate your email account and set a password. The steps below activate your account.

To activate your email account, you must first have your Banner ID and password. If you've never set your Banner password it is initialized to your date of birth, MMDDYY. If you are a workstudy student, use the same Banner ID and password to log into the activation site, as you do with the BannerWeb site.

Employees can get their ID by contacting the HR office at 831-647-3536. Students should contact the records office at 831-647-4121 if they have not already received their BannerWeb ID at their home email address.

If you have forgotten your BannerWeb password, you can contact the ITS Help Desk to reset your BannerWeb password at 831-647-6656. If you are a MIIS employee the HR office can also help you reset your BannerWeb password.

Activating Your Middlebury Network & Email Account

To log into your new email account you must first activate your associated Middlebury network account. Once you have obtained your BannerID and Banner PIN number you can activate your network account using the following steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your Banner id and password. (Image 1)
  3. Read and agree to the Agreement Statement. (Image 2)
  4. A page displays which allows you to set a password. Near the top you'll see your account name in RED. Write this down! Pay close attention to the requirements for a password then create a password. Write this down too and store in a safe place! (Image 3)
  5. Click Continue. A confirmation page displays. You're done.
  6. Return to Microsoft Exchange Email at MIIS to finish setting up your email.

Resetting Your Middlebury Email/Network Password

You can also return to anytime to change or reset your Middlebury network password. Middlebury requires you to change your password every few months. You should receive an email notifying you of this in advance. If you find that you can no longer log into your email account using your current password, it may be that your network password has expired. In this case simply reset your password at the link above.