Admissions/Records/Financial Aid

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Recruitment, Admissions, Financial Aid, Records

Present: Tate Miller, Jill Stoffers, Jenny Manseau, Pam Ventura, Regina Lomboy, Sherre Kruft, Devin Luedekke, Amy McGill

  • Current website likes:
    • Graphics/visual appeal
    • Links to Banner and Directory
    • Interact and Explore sections
    • Reduction of wordiness
    • Cleaner

(summary: summer work on the web site moved us in a positive direction)

  • Dislikes:
    • Not user friendly
    • Hard to navigate
    • Needs better map of information
    • Too many search results
    • Need larger font
    • Need portal site (personalized)

(summary: need to emphasize IA, interactivity/customization)

  • Impact on recruiting
    • Prospective student feedback is fairly positive.
    • 40% of our applicants never inquire – they are getting their info (presumably) from the web and/or word of mouth
    • Bounce rate is still 49% -- consistent over 2 years
  • Would like to see:
    • Button for transcript requests on homepage
    • Putting financial aid info with admissions is not logical for current students
    • Need the ability to interact immediately; pick up rss feeds
    • User centered elements:
      • Let alums upload news from the field
      • Applicants can look up what’s missing from their file
      • Live chat
      • Text messages
      • Pay deposits online, with a confirmation
    • Banner self-service will make some of this possible
    • Make language issues (requirements) less confusing
    • Clear brand definition – make people understand who we are