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*not hosted on Facebook
*not hosted on Facebook
*deadline: end of March(ish?)
*Ning perhaps

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Current situation

  • miis.edu has some career development resources (in PDF format)
  • only 1 person in a student focus group had found these resources

What students want:

  • one-stop shop for career resources
  • links to professional organization's websites
  • categorized, searchable job postings
    • paid vs. nonpaid
    • categorized by location
  • foundational career workshops --> podcasts
  • interactive, dynamic, living
    • similar to whitehouse.gov
  • video (podcast?) of the week from an alum
  • delicious capabilities
    • want to be able to bookmark and share resources
  • webinar capabilities
  • alumni need to be able to access this portal
  • not hosted on Moodle
  • not hosted on Facebook
  • intranet
  • deadline: end of March(ish?)
  • Ning perhaps