Automatic Connection

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The three networked folders are found on the dock and designated with the following icons:

Currently connection is actually semi-automatic: Connection to a folder is created once a user clicks on one of the folders in the dock and then the user is automatically logged via keychain into the computer where the folder is physically located. There will likely be a slight delay after which a drive will appear on the desktop. After this the folder will be accessible by clicking on the desired folder.

Let's suppose these connections have not yet been set up or we want to create a new connection for a new network drive.

Now, supposing that we want to add an automatic connection to the Blue Drive.

We first need to know the physical location of that drive which is actually a folder on one of the DMC computers.

(For the location of the drives which are already in place see the Structure of the Network)

We know that the folder is located on the computer Oscar Wilde in the following directory: Oscar Wilde\Users\OGuest\Blue Drive\

To set this up are the following screen-shots: