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What is a wiki?


A wiki is a webpage that can be edited by anyone who is given permission to do so. With a wiki, you can collaborate with coworkers, colleagues, friends and family anywhere in the world.

Read about wikis on Wikipedia, one of the biggest and best-known wikis, here.

Watch the Common Craft video on wikis here, for a simple explanation of wikis and how they can be used.

Read "7 Things You Should Know About Wikis" from Educause.

Where can I get started on my wiki?



Wet Paint

Google Sites

Zoho Wiki

Where can I see wikis that others have created?

Pizza Wiki - about the "pizza process" and innovation at MIIS

Cultural Anthropology @ KSU - course wiki with lecture notes, assignments, etc.

Horizon Project Wiki - a project that "charts the landscape of emerging technologies and produces the NMC’s annual Horizon Report"

Wikipedia - a collaborative online encyclopedia with over 12 million articles