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== Welcome ==
== Information Relocated ==
This wiki is presented to provide important campus technology information.  
Much of the information previously contained on this page has been moved to the Knowledge Base blog. Please visit there for answers to technology questions and information.
ITS = Information Technology Services
LMS = Lab & Media Services
STS = Student Technology Services
DMC = Digital Media Commons
'''Important: Your email and network IDs and Passwords are located inside of your Orientation Packet. If you do not know your student ID or passwords please call the ITS Help Desk at 647-6656.'''
== Contact Information  ==
{| style="width: 870px; height: 478px" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="1"
| '''Assistance with<br>'''
| '''Office'''<br>
| '''Phone'''<br>
| '''E-mail'''<br>
| '''Location'''<br>
| '''Hours of Operation'''<br>
| Faculty &amp; Staff, General IT questions, Exchange E-mail, Printing<br>
| ITS Help Desk
| 831-647-6656
| helpdesk@miis.edu
| Casa Fuente 320
| Mon - Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm
| Students' Laptops, wireless, printer, email setup;&nbsp;general student technology issues<br>
| Student Technology Services
| 831-647-6425
| studenttech@miis.edu
| Casa Fuente 448, 1st Floor
| Mon - Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm
| Video/audio equipment check-out, file transfer and duplication<br>
| Lab &amp; Media Services
| 831-647-4150
| mediaservices@miis.edu
| Morse Building A100, Lab &amp; Media Services Center
| Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm
| Instructional technology, digital media project development, production, distribution and training
| Digital Media Commons
| 831-647-4630
| dmc@miis.edu
| Kade Building, 2nd Floor<br>
| By Appt.<br>
== Managing your user login  ==
=== Troubleshooting  ===
Continuing Students:*Your '''user name''' for your network, wireless, First Class email, and Moodle eLearning course management system is your '''six digit student ID number'''. (Note: New Middlebury network and Exchange account names are generally first initial and last name. Your Middlebury account name will be given to you when you activate this account using your Banner ID).
*Changing your network password does not change your First Class or Moodle passwords. These must be set separately. Contact Student Technology Services for assistance.
*Users are&nbsp;required to have working and updated '''antivirus software''' installed on all computers and laptops that connect to the MIIS network.
*Users should '''keep all CDs and information''' that come with their laptop purchases, in case of troubleshooting and/or reinstallation needed.
*Users should '''back up their data''' regularly (use an external drive, such as USB flash drives), in case of system crash or hard drive failure.
=== How to Change your Network Password  ===
You need to change your network password before you set up your laptop to the campus wireless network or install the network printers. There are two ways to do this:
1. Find any Windows-based campus computer and log on with your user ID and initial password. The initial password can be found in your orientation materials.
*Once logged in, press Control + Alt + Delete and choose "Change Password".
*Enter the current password and enter a desired password and then retype it to confirm. Press OK
2. Make an appointment at the Student Technology Services Center, Casa Fuente 448 on Pacific Street, 647-6425. Typical open hours are: Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Student assistants can help you through the process.
== Wireless support  ==
=== '''Student Technology Services Center'''  ===
''Student Technology Services provides limited technical assistance to all MIIS students.'' <br><br>Services include:
*''Anwser general technology related questions''
*''MIIS wireless setup on WiFi-enabled laptops and compatible&nbsp;handheld devices, such as iPhones''
*''General wireless computing and networking troubleshooting''
*''Printer installation/setup''
*''School&nbsp;e-mail setup''
*''Avast! 4Home Edition anti-virus installation and updating''
'''Location and Hours'''
The Student Technology Services Center is located in Casa Fuente 448 on Pacific Street. Typical open hours are: Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Hours may change based on support staff availability. In order to guarantee availability, appointments are strongly recommended. To make an appointment for services, please visit or call 831-647-6425
=== '''Wireless Network Information'''  ===
The MIIS wireless network is a Cisco network which consists of a WLAN Controller and forty access points that provide wireless coverage to most indoor and some outdoor areas on campus. MIIS students, faculty, and staff can enjoy mobility and flexibility accessing their emails, Internet, Intranet, and MIIS network resources from their wireless laptop computers and other WiFi-enabled mobile devices.
The wireless system supports 802.11g, 802.11b and 802.11a standards and is configured with three primary networks (SSIDs) named:
1. MIISAE – for Windows computers.
2. MIISMAC – for Mac computers
MIIS Authentication and Encryption; requires a network username and password; network communication is encrypted.
MIISAE&amp;MIISMAC are a highly secured network. Strong WPA/ WPA2 encryption is only available on newer 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11a network adapters and operation systems. Older wireless adapters and operating systems may not be able to use this encryption standard. We strongly recommend that users update their wireless adapters and operating systems (i.e. Windows XP with SP2, Mac OS with the latest patches) to take advantage of the new secured network.
3. MIISPDA – for handheld WiFi capable devices, e.g. iPhone. Secured network, requires a encryption Key (the key and setup instruction can be obtained upon request at the Student Technology Services)
<br><br>[http://blogs.miis.edu/kb/2010/06/07/wirelesswin7/ Wireless Setup Instructions for Windows 7]
[http://blogs.miis.edu/kb/2010/03/10/wirelesswinvista/ Wireless Setup Instructions for Windows Vista]
[http://blogs.miis.edu/kb/2009/10/13/wirelesswinxp/ Wireless Setup Instructions for Windows XP]
[http://blogs.miis.edu/kb/2009/10/13/wirelessmac/ Wireless Setup Instructions for Mac OS X]
== BannerWeb Access for Students  ==
[http://blogs.miis.edu/kb/2010/08/09/how-do-i-access-bannerweb/ BannerWeb Access Instructions]
== E-mail <br> ==
All registered students are now provided with an Exchange e-mail account. Once your account is confirmed webmail can be accessed from any campus computer, or from any Internet-connected computer.&nbsp; <br>
'''Transition from First Class System'''<br>
*Exchange email accounts will replace legacy FirstClass email accounts.<br>
*First Class will become inactive September 15th, 2009. After this date, you will still be able to access FirstClass and retrieve archived messages, but no new outside mail will be delivered to FirstClass.<br>
*After September 15th, all email sent to ''@miis.edu'' addresses will be delivered directly to Exchange email accounts ''@exchange.miis.edu''.
*You should temporarily set up forwarding on your FirstClass email account to your new Exchange account, so that you can receive mail from both ''@miis.edu'' and ''@exchange.miis.edu'' using your Exchange account during the summer.<br>
'''Graduating Student E-mail Access'''<br>
*Students graduating May 2009 will continue to have access to their new Exchange email accounts for a period of 6 months, which matches Middlebury’s retention policy for graduating students. <br>
'''Questions? Contact ITS&nbsp;Help''' '''Desk'''<br>
*Phone: 831-647-6656<br>
*E-mail: helpdesk-miis@exchange.miis.edu.<br>
== Printing  ==
=== '''Network Printers'''  ===
Wireless Printing
After laptops are connected to the MIIS wireless network, students can set up their laptops to the wireless printers. There are four networked printers on campus for student laptop use.These high-speed printers can be found at several locations around campus.
*''Student Technology Services - CF448 (Pacific Street level) in the Casa Fuente Building''''<br>'''''
*''William Tell Coleman Library - first floor and second floor <br>''
*''Lab &amp; Media Services in A100 Morse Building''
<br>Each individual student account is allocated a non-refundable dollar amount each semester for printing. With each printout, a charge is calculated against the student’s account based on the number of pages printed and type of printing (single-sided or duplex). Students may print up to the allocated amount without incurring additional expenses. Once the amount is reached for a semester, '''students can purchase additional printing through the Cashiers Office'''. Unused printing does rollover to the next term.
''To install the printers on your laptop follow the specific directions for your operating system below.''
''You will need to enter your Local Network Username and Password during the installation.''
=== '''Download Instructions for PC Computers'''  ===
[[Printer Installation for Windows XP and VISTA]]
[[Printer Installation for Windows 2000]]
=== '''Download Instructions for MAC Computers'''  ===
[[Printer Installation for Leopard - 10.5]]
[[Printer Installation for OS X -10.4]]
[[Printer Installation for OS X - 10.3.3]]
[[Printer Installation for OS X - 10.2]]
=== '''Help is located at Student Technology Services Located on Pacific Street.'''  ===
STS is located in '''Casa Fuente 448 on Pacific Street'''. <br>
Typical STS open hours are: <br>
*Monday through&nbsp;Friday from 9''':00 am to 5:00 pm'''.
*Hours may change based on support staff availability. In order to guarantee STS availability, appointments are strongly recommended. To make an appointment for services, please visit the STS or call '''831-647-6425'''.
=== '''Network Drives'''  ===
''Student Networked Drives''
On campus students have access to networked drives. The student's personal drive is labeled as the H Drive. It holds up to 250 mb of space for students to use.
Here are detailed instructions on connecting (mapping) to the H Drive on your own computer
[[Mapping to H drive with Vista]]
[[Mapping to H drive with XP]]
[[Mapping to H drive with MAC]]
== eLearning Online Course Environment  ==
The eLearning site is available at [http://elearning.miis.edu http://elearning.miis.edu].&nbsp; The Institute is hosting Moodle as its course management system.&nbsp; You will see that the front page also acts as an information portal with an Institute Events calendar and RSS&nbsp;feed
*'''Continuing students''' can continue to login with their FirstClass email username and password or create a new profile with their Exchange e-mail username and password [http://go.middlebury.edu/activate once activated].
*'''New students''' will login with their Exchange webmail ID and password.
== Digital Media Commons<br> ==
The [http://tlc.miis.edu/dmc Digital Media Commons] is located on the second floor of the [http://www.miis.edu/cmaps-building-11.html '''Max Kade Center'''], 472 Pierce St.<br>
The Commons hosts workshops and topical conversations related to new media skills development and project planning. Mac computers are available for students' to use for digitial media project development and production.<br>
Graduate Assistants are available by appointment for project consultations at dmc@miis.edu.
*Printing to paper is not available in this building.
== William Tell Coleman Library  ==
=== '''Contact Information'''  ===
Phone: 831 647-4133 ['''http://www.miis.edu/lib/''']
Located at the center of campus, the [http://www.miis.edu/lib/index.html William Tell Coleman Library] houses a print collection that supports teaching and research at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. The library is also the gateway to a wealth of online research materials.
There are several computers for students to use to do research or work on projects. you will need your '''NETWORK Username and Password''' to access these machines.
=== [http://www.miis.edu/lib/hours.html '''Link to Library Hours''']  ===
Spring Semester 2008 January 22 - May 8
Monday - Thursday 8:30 AM - 11:00 PM Friday 8:30 AM - 10:00 PM Saturday - Sunday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM March 8 - 16 (Spring Break)
Saturday - Sunday, March 8 - 9 CLOSED Monday - Friday, March 10 - 14 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Saturday - Sunday, March 15 - 16 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
=== Other Links to Library Resources  ===
[http://monti.miis.edu/ Library Catalog]
[http://www.miis.edu/lib/reserves.html E-reserves]
[http://www.miis.edu/lib/services.html Library Services]
[http://www.miis.edu/lib/edatabases.html Research Databases]
== Lab &amp; Media Services  ==
Our goal is to facilitate communication by providing service and support for media formats and instructional technology for classrooms and events on campus.
=== '''Services offered:'''  ===
Coordinates Audio and Video equipment for classes, special events, and conferences.
Accesses satellite television programs: [http://www.scola.org/eoneCommerce/Portal '''SCOLA'''] target languages, TV Japan, and TV5 French are taped daily and are available in the Audio Visual Services office. (Both http://[http://www.scola.org/eoneCommerce/Portal www.scola.org]/ and '''www.dwelle.de'''&gt;. (German) are available via streaming or Real Player on the Internet).
The following languages can be viewed in the Kade Center and the Sampson Center's media room: TV Japan, TV 5 French, NTV, NTV+ Russian, 10 Spanish Channels, Discovery en Espanol, GEMS, TVEI, TV Azteca, TV Chile, Telemuno Internacional, SUR, MTVS (MTV in Spanish), Cine Latino, Gran Canal Latin.
*Maintains a library of video tapes including foreign language movies.
*Schedules all audio visual equipment and duplicating facilities.
*Videos on reserve are available for checkout for a two-hour period.
*Overnight checkout is available for all other videos. (Video tape is due by 10 am the next morning).
*Offers Audio and Video dubbing services.
=== '''Requests:'''  ===
''The policy for requests for Audio Visual Equipment and Services is as follows:''
''All requests for A/V equipment must be submitted to the A/V Center 3 days prior to the event/class.''
For events after 5pm and/or on the weekend, requests for equipment/services must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the event.
F''or all A/V requests use the request form which is located as follows:''
Connect to FirstClass and open the Help Folder.
Click on FirstClass Settings File (see FAQ to understand what a settings file is).
Doubleclick the attachment (home.fc) and choose "update".
Open "New Message Special" on the menu bar and choose "Room/AV Reservation".
Fill out the request form and send it to AV Center.
=== '''Hours of Operation:'''  ===
Mon. - Fri.: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
=== '''Location:'''  ===
[http://www.miis.edu/cmaps-building-1.html '''Morse Building''']
440 Van Buren Street Phone: 831-647-4150 Staff:
Email to Lab &amp; Media Services directly:mediaservices@miis.edu

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Information Relocated

Much of the information previously contained on this page has been moved to the Knowledge Base blog. Please visit there for answers to technology questions and information.