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A Brief History of Comics

Visual stories and panels have been used to tell stories, provoke thought, spark discussion, entertain people, and poke fun at unspoken truths since ancient times. The first newspaper comic strips appeared in the USA in the late 19th century and quickly became a popular method of creative expression.

Pedagogical Implications

There are many ways that comics can be used in the classroom, whether you choose to use published strips or to make your own. Examples include:

∗ Prompt group discussions
∗ Introduce or cap off topics such as policy decisions, stock market trends, multi-cultural communication, or other world events
∗ Compare humor, morals, and etiquette across cultures
∗ Create language production activities for language learners
∗ Add visuals and humor or wit to presentations or papers
∗ Express group identity or create a logo for projects and companies is one website that allows you to create quality comics, using pre-made sets and characters or ones you design yourself. Go check it out!