Configuring Microsoft Entourage 2008 for Mac

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The steps below set up Microsoft Entourage 2008 for the Mac to access your Exchange account on Middlebury's email server.

1. Start Microsoft Entourage. If the Entourage Setup Assistant opens, close it by clicking on the red close button in top left corner of the dialog box.

2. From the Entourage menu select Account Settings. The Accounts dialog box opens.

3. On the Accounts dialog box click . The Account Setup Assistant dialog box opens. If another dialog box opens asking you to setup a POP account, click the Setup Assistant button.

4. On the Account Setup Assistant dialog box do the following:

a. Click the checkbox next to My account is on an Exchange server.
b. Then click Configure account manually. The Edit account dialog box opens.


5. Enter the following information on the Account Settings tab (as above):

Account name and Name : You full name, e.g. John Smith
E-mail address: Your full e-mail address. This is your account id with appended.
Account ID: Your username (the portion of your e-mail address before @)
Domain: MIDD
Password: We recommend that you leave it blank so you are prompted you for a password when you start Entourage. Then when you change your password Entourage continues to work properly; otherwise it tries to use the old password and fails.
Exchange server:

Leave all other fields at their default settings.

6. Click on the Advanced tab and enter the following information (as below):

Public folders server:
LDAP server:
Search base: dc=middlebury,dc=edu
Leave all other fields at their default settings.


7. Click Ok.

8. In the Accounts dialog box click on Directory Service. If there is a service listed, select it and delete it, unless you know it is a directory service to another server which you need.

9. Click on the New button in the upper left.


10. If the Account Setup Assistant displays, click on the Configure Account Manually button in the lower right.

11. Enter the following information as below.

Username: youruserid
Password: yourpassword
Check the box to save in keychain


8. If the Accounts dialog box is open, close it.

9. Your e-mail account appears in the left pane of the Entourage window. Click on the triangle next to your account and click on Inbox. Ignore the Inbox under Folders on My Computer.

Entourage will start downloading your entire mailbox. This process may take some time, from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the size of your mailbox.

Changing Some Optional Settings

The Reading Pane

Entourage has a Reading Pane that displays the contents of messages. It can be located on the right side of the window, on the bottom of the window, or you can turn it off. On the View menu point to Preview Pane and then select the option desired from the submenu.Macreadpane.jpg

The Junk Mail (SPAM) filter

Entourage also has a Junk Mail filter. To configure it, do the following: 1. From the Tools menu select Junk E-mail Protection.


2. Click the Low radio button.

3. Uncheck Delete messages from the Junk E-mail folder older than.

4. Click the Safe Domains tab.

5. Enter and in the large text box to ensure that mail from the Monterey Institute addresses will never be considered Junk.

6. Click Ok to save your changes.