Configuring Your FirstClass Account

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During this transitional period between FirstClass and Exchange, you have 2 accounts

  • MIIS FirstClass server:
  • Middlebury Exchange server:
    (your Exchange id may not match your FirstClass id)

Until we decommission the FirstClass server, you must configure FirstClass to redirect all your incoming messages to your Exchange account. You do not need advertise your Exchange address; it is temporary. All mail to will arrive at Exchange.

However there is an important setting to make on your FirstClass Mailbox: an expiration time. This will free you from having to manage your FirstClass mailbox. All messages coming to FirstClass redirect to Exchange, then after 7 days will expire and be deleted automatically from your FirstClass mailbox. You MUST set an expiration or else your account will reach its allocation limit and stop accepting and forwarding your messages. If you get a lot of mail in a short period of time, set the expiration to 3 days. This ensures incoming messages will not exceed your FirstClass allocation limit.

It is best to perform all the remaining sections in succession to avoid any loss of messages.

Setting the Redirect in FirstClass

  1. Log into FirstClass.
  2. Pull down the Edit menu, select Preferences. The Preferences dialog box displays.
  3. Click on the Messaging tab, then the Mail Rules tab below (default).
  4. In the Automatically forward section, set Local mail: and Internet mail: to Yes. In the Forward to: field type in your Exchange address Ensure the Method: is Redirect.
  5. Click Ok to close the Preferences dialog box.

Moving ALL Your Messages Out of the Mailbox

Because the FirstClass Mailbox will be set to expire any messages older than 7 days, we must save what’s currently there to a folder on your Desktop. We only want to expire new messages which will be managed in Outlook/Exchange.

  1. Display your FirstClass Desktop; File menu, Open, Desktop.
  2. Create a new folder on your FirstClass Desktop, NOT IN YOUR MAILBOX! File menu, New, New Folder. A good name for this folder is Former Mailbox. Right click on it, select Properties to change the name.
  3. Arrange the windows so you can simultaneously see the new folder and your Mailbox on the screen.
  4. In your Mailbox, if you have a split window view, remove it; View menu, Split, No Split. This allows you to select folders and messages together.
  5. Select all folders and messages, CTRL+A. If you have over a thousand messages in your Mailbox do not select all of them. Select them in smaller batches. Too large a selection can choke FirstClass.
  6. Click and drag the selected folders and messages into the New Folder.

Setting the Mailbox Expiration

With your all Mailbox messages and folders confidently moved to the new folder on your FirstClass Desktop, you can set the Mailbox expiration.

  1. Open your Mailbox window; File menu, Open, Mail.
  2. Pull down the Collaborate menu, select Permissions. The Permissions dialog box displays.
  3. Drop down the Size limit, Expiry section by clicking the triangle to the left of the name.
  4. In the Message expiry (days) field, type the number 7.
  5. Close the Permissions dialog box.